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Deeper into Anxiety

For this week’s blog, I wanted to continue with the theme of anxiety and depression but go a little deeper on why acupuncture can be a great treatment option. This week’s article is from, and focuses more on anxiety, as opposed to stress or depression. However, whenever I see one of these mental health disorders, the others are usually present as well. The takeaway from the article is that not only are studies showing that acupuncture is fast and effective for mental health issues, but also that the results last because it normalizes how your brain functions. It is less about fixing the problem, and more about helping the body to fix itself. When the body can self-regulate better, problems stay gone. In addition to that, acupuncture is much safer than medications and has significantly fewer side effects (assuming you go to a licensed practitioner). Overall, acupuncture is an incredibly safe and powerful treatment for a variety of mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, stress, anger, and more.

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