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Every Body Hurts

Studies have shown that over 30% of Americans suffer from some type of chronic pain, and if

you have watched the news regularly, you know that conventional western medicine is not helping. In fact, given the opioid epidemic, it might be making the problem worse. However, there is overwhelming evidence from recent studies that shows acupuncture is not only safer and cheaper than western alternatives, but is more effective as well, especially for chronic low back, neck, knee, shoulder pain, and headaches and migraines. Today's article is a bit heavier on science and studies, but I think given the seriousness of this problem, it is warranted.

Studies have shown that people receiving acupuncture report a 93% success rate and this is above and beyond the effects of painkillers, injections, sham acupuncture, or placebos. The important thing is to make sure the person performing your treatment is a licensed acupuncturist. Acupuncture school is a 4-year Master’s degree program. Chiropractors, doctors, or physical therapists in general lack the same breadth and depth of training, usually only requiring a few weekend courses to become certified, and are thus more likely to be ineffective.

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