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The Impact of Stress & Anxiety

Today’s article is not about acupuncture specifically. The past month I have highlighted several articles talking about how much acupuncture can help with stress, anxiety, and depression (SPOILER: It can help a LOT). This article goes over why that is so important. It shows many of the ways, both obvious and hidden, that stress and anxiety can negatively impact our lives. The effects of these psychological disorders are comparable to those of smoking or obesity in the damage they can cause over time, if not worse. The one thing the article does not mention is the ways stress can affect our daily lives. Symptoms such as chronic pain, migraines, insomnia, fatigue, IBS, and PMS/PMDD, and more are all ways that stress, anxiety, and depression can affect us on a regular basis. These psychological disorders can affect not only our quality of life, but quantity as well. Do not wait to start feeling better!

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