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Acupuncture: What to know before your first appointment

This article does a really good job of not only introducing acupuncture and listing a few common issues it can treat, but also of discussing the use of acupuncture as a lifestyle rather than a one-time fix. I am constantly recommending to patients that fixing the problem is step one, staying healthy and preventing future problems is the much bigger and more important step. When treating, first and foremost my goal is to get you feeling better, but after that I want you to stay better and continue to thrive. Acupuncture can not only get you feeling better, but it can make your idea of ‘better’ better. This change in mindset can be difficult. We are used to going to the doctor to fix a problem, using the doctor like a mechanic and treating our bodies like a machine. Acupuncture on the other hand works like a gardener. I work with your body to help it self-regulate the way it already knows how, and help it keep doing that no matter what life throws your way.

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